Japan Day 2- The Search for Sushi, The Aquarium and more Izakaya randomness

Tamagawa: A short train ride from Shinsaibashi, Home to Endou Sushi

This particular morning would be the first of a few times where we’d use our free breakfast  vouchers at the hotel. There was a choice between a continental breakfast consisting of scrambled eggs, fried eggs, bacon with toast, cocktail sausages; or the more or less traditional Japanese breakfast that had grilled trout (or was it salmon?) with some pickled vegetables, nattou in a packet served with rice and a bowl of miso soup. I had the latter, seeing as I wanted to try nattou to see what all the fuss was about. It didn’t taste too bad. But given the choice, I wouldn’t go out of my way to eat it. After breakfast, we waited for the arrival of two more party members in the form of the older folk. Continue reading

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I’ve done it again.

Yeaaaaah… I fully realize that I haven’t been posting much.

I’ve been wanting to continue the series on my first ever Japan trip, but between work, translating for Aidol, and multiplayer Mass Effect 3 games, I’m left with little time for everything else in the pipelines.

So to those who actually follow or read my blog, please bear with me.

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Japan Day 1-Welcome to the Land of Everything (supposedly) Efficient

Waking up after having just 3 hours of light sleep for an early morning flight is NEVER  fun. Nonetheless, it’s what I had to do (rather I put myself through it) after checking and rechecking I had everything, packing and culling various items at the last minute from luggage in preparation for my departure to Japan in a few short hours. I was zombified,  and slept all the way to the airport. I’ll also point out here that at this point my camera was packed away nicely into it’s backpack and would’ve been too much of a pain to get out to photograph, so no pictures, even after I’ve touched down in Japan…in hindsight now much to my regret.

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Singapore -En route to Japan- Part 2: Equinox

Apologies for the delayed posting. I was hoping to have a new post up everyday or every other day, but work caught up, and ended up being busy and too tired at the end to post up something. So without further ado… Equinox.

Equinox Restaurant, Level 70 Swissôtel The Stamford Singapore

After the weekend at Woodlands, it was time for what was hands down, the best non hawker style food in Singapore for a price, naturally. We made our way to Raffle’s Place in the heart of Singapore, firstly to exchange some SGD to yen in preparation for our departure to Japan in a few days time. Then it was off to the 70th floor of Swissôtel The Stamford to dine at Equinox. Continue reading

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Singapore -En route to Japan- Part 1: Cosplay and Maids

Republic Polytechnic College, Woodlands

The end of the KL leg of my trip drew to a close with wet weather as the aunty I stayed with dropped me off at the designated hotel where I was to take the coach back down to HarbourFront in Singapore. The massive durian feast the night before left my gastrointestinal tract reeling from its effects, and it was a wonder I didn’t feel the urge to empty it in the 5+ hours I was on the bus down to Singapore. Continue reading

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KL- Continued

After Malacca, it was back in KL, where I decided I’d get more camera gear in the form of lens hoods, battery grip and a flash unit from Low Yat Plaza. That didn’t happen until a couple of days later, when I was dropped off to head around town by myself. Considering I moved to Australia in my early teens, I cannot, for the life of me remember much of downtown KL, and the Golden Triangle. Much as changed, that much I knew. Continue reading

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Malacca- 15 Years Later…

A stray taking life easy under some foliage. How I wish I could be as carefree...

I’ll keep it brief, seeing as how I spent less than a week in KL before rendezvousing with my friends in Singapore for the Japan leg of my travels. My flight took me from Melbourne to Singapore intially, and I decided to coach it up to KL from there. It had been 5 years since I’ve flown to these parts of the world, much so that I forgot that I had to disembark twice for immigration and customs on the way up to KL on the coach, not to mention how humid it was… Continue reading

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